Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What is this?

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It's the third part of an ongoing project starting in 1988 with:

and the second part released in 1996 as

Just kidding! This is of course not a project to be compared with two of the intellectual giants of our time. Actually the not yet published subtitle of this blog is "Presenting the Grand Unified 'Theory' of Life According to Martinus". One of the best kept secrets in this world is that a humble Danish "mystic" - Martinus - started to publish a work Livets Bog - "Book of Life" - as early as 1932. The seventh part was published in Danish in 1960.

[symbol to be replaced by book cover later]

Later on Martinus decided that his entire work - where Livets Bog was supplemented by much more literature - should be called The Third Testament since Martinus viewed the main purpose of his "mission" as the very same as what Jesus did here on earth: to teach forgiveness. Apart from writing, Martinus spent a lot of time to explain his cosmic vision in symbols. The symbol above - #23 - is an illustration of the "forgiveness principle". (The full title of this symbol is "The fully-evolved human being in God's image after his likeness".)

There is no need to repeat the information available elsewhere: Martinus Institute presents Martinus' Cosmology and perhaps Who was Martinus? could be of particular interest . The Third Testament project offers a slightly different approach to Martinus where the 'religious' aspects of the work is emphasized more than the 'scientific' aspects. This blog will make no such distinctions, since Martinus' vision is inclusive, rather than exclusive, as well as strictly non-dualistic in almost every respect.

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