Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Entry Ticket

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A lot of things written here will sound very strange to many individuals. It is! But what most of us don't realize is that science views the world - creation, cosmos, universe etc. - as a much stranger place than our imagination can really grasp. Thus the requirement - entry ticket, so to say - for full admission to the thoughts presented here is to spend 3 hours of your life watching the following totally amazing 'documentary':

PBS: The Elegant Universe

Beware though: Contrary to popular belief Quantum Theory - or Quantum Mechanics - does NOT support any 'spiritual' interpretations whatsoever. (What it DOES provide is a model of the universe strange enough to make the concept of God as rather basic and simple ) All kinds of physics are working with OUTER SPACE whereas 'spirit' is found in the domain called INNER SPACE here. According to Martinus - as well as a bunch of other 'sources' - Outer Space is nothing but a projection of Inner Space, but we will go into these details later on.

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